Pleasant Hill Middle School Bands

How To Join Band

You can sign up for Band class in February when you register for classes at PHMS. Be sure to put band as your first choice of related arts class so you are sure to be signed up! If you decide later that you want to join Band after class sign-up has taken place, please contact Mrs. Gable so she can get you signed up for Band!

Remember the following information when you are making your choice about Band:

  • Band class meets every day. You do not miss another class to take Band.
  • Students have two related arts periods per day. You will be able to take all of your related arts choices (such as Drama, Dance, Art, Adventure Ed, or STEM) during your three years at PHMS. Taking Band does not prevent you from taking the other classes of your choice.
  • Students in Band can and do participate in sports!
  • If you are interested in taking Band you need to sign up during your sixth grade year. Students may not join Band as beginners during their seventh grade year.
  • Students who register for Band do NOT need to purchase an instrument before the start of school. Students will be able to select the instrument they want to play during the first few weeks of school before getting an instrument.

We Want YOU As A Member Of The PHMS Band!