Pleasant Hill Middle School Bands

Why Should I Join Band?

different styles of music

In band class we learn to play many different styles of music such as classical, rock, pop, jazz, and world music.

concerts and activities!

All students in band perform 2-3 concerts each year.  On top of that, band students get to perform at school pep rallies and assemblies, take performance trips off campus, and take fun trips throughout the state and the Southeast!  Students who are interested in performing outside of band class can audition for the District and Region Honor Bands and All-State Band and can compete at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Each year, the seventh and eighth grade band students have the opportunity to participate in the Spring Trip to Orlando, Florida!

learn a lifelong skill

Learning to play an instrument and appreciate music is a skill that will last a lifetime.  Participating in a music program and studying music has been shown to have many positive effects on brain development and learning during a person's youth and has been shown to help prevent or slow memory loss in the elderly.

No Experience Necessary!

Students do not have to know anything about music in order to join band—we start at the very beginning and teach them everything they need to know!

We Want You in the PHMS Band!